Lenovo - Regional Commercial Leader for North Africa


Sales Manager North Africa, Morocco 

North Africa can be, at times, a difficult place to identify and successfully on-board business professionals due to the specific nature of the market and changing political conditions in the region.  Technology Vendors can sometimes struggle to hire the talent required in order to achieve commercial growth in the region.
Iperium have had continual success in North Africa, hiring talent for numerous organisations across the region in countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia.  Because of this network and track record of success we were approached by Lenovo to assist with the hiring of a sales leader for the region.

Iperium initially met with Lenovo’s head of MEA region based in Dubai in order to gain a thorough understanding of the type of individual Lenovo needed in order to create a difference in the territory.  This meeting gave Iperium an in depth understanding of Lenovo exiting business and the pre requisite experience that was needed for this individual to be a success in the role. 
A high number of individual’s in the territory are not active on social and traditional business media and are therefore not present on tools such as LinkedIn.  Because of this it was immediately crucial that Iperium pulled upon our network across the territory for referrals of high calibre individuals.  
A shortlist of 3 candidates was submitted after 8 days of searching qualification of candidate’s track record, backgrounds and key competencies.  All three were invited for interviews, from this two were successful and continued through the recruitment process to final interview. 

The successful candidate came from a direct competitor and was the strongest in terms of their network of relevant contacts across North Africa and more specifically in Morocco.  He was offered the role four days after final interview, accepted and was on-board and impacting the business inside four weeks. 
This success in, at times difficult North African market to navigate has led to Iperium becoming a preferred supplier of talent to Lenovo in the Middle East and Africa region. 

  • Name: Lenovo
  • Sector: Consumer electronics