Sonicwall - Benelux Pre Sales Engineer

• Iperium was engaged by Sonicwall prior to their acquisition by Dell.

• Sonicwall was a vendor of network based security solutions including firewalls and intrusion prevention / detection solutions for medium and large enterprise.

• Sonicwall wanted to recruit a senior Pre Sales Solution Architect to join their Benelux team in order to work across the Northern EMEA region.
• Upon engagement with Iperium this role had been open for three months and had become a ‘problem hire.’

• By targeting specific competitive organizations and pinpointing the relevant teams within those companies Iperium` were able to quickly introduce a number of high caliber candidates who had not been identified by Sonicwall or other recruitment partners.

• Due to the strength of Iperium’s shortlist the Pre Sales leader for Northern Europe was able to select a highly skilled Systems Engineer to join the business who was motivated by the opportunity to join a fast moving, innovative security player.
• Sonicwall was subsequently acquired by Dell and now form part of their security offering.
  • Name: Sonicwall
  • Sector: Security