Tail-F - Deutsche Telekom Account Director


Tail-f are a highly innovative Swedish start-up championing NFV, Orchestration solutions, selling to the largest, most complex Service Providers globally. Although modest in scale, tail-f won several key deals including Deutsche Telekom and AT&T in North America before being acquired by Cisco in early 2013.


Due to the success with particularly in Deutsche Telekom, tail-f were looking to hire a Sales lead for their business in Germany to take responsibility for the DT relationship as well as broaden the company’s focus on other Tier One service providers in Austria and Switzerland.


Having been introduced to Tail- F via their Board of Directors, Iperium were tasked with the responsibility of identifying a number of vendors who have had won strategic deals within DT in the previous 3 year. Once these organisations had been identified, Iperium were able to target and approach a wide list of sales executives with long standing track record of success. Iperium were tasked with the identification of executives with key relationships in both the Terastream Project as well as other senior decision makers in Darmstadt.

  • Outcome:
  • The CEO and VP Sales of tail-f conducted an interview day in Frankfurt where they were able to interview a list of 4 potential candidates each with critical business relationships with DT CxO level.
    Following careful consideration an offer was made to a member of Oracle’s Communications team in Germany. Once the on-boarding process was completed, tail-f were able to gain further traction within DT as well then begin the process of identifying additional opportunities in Tier One operators in the DACH region.
    Tail-f were subsequently acquired by Cisco in July 2014.
  • Name: Tail-F
  • Sector: Networks